You don’t know how lucky you are

Archie FawthropToday marks a very special occasion for Janet’s family, it would have been her father’s 100th birthday.

Archie was in his 99th year, before slipping away from us last year.

He never experienced any major health problems during his lifetime, and his love of life alone would have been enough to see him through many more years, but his frail body said it was time for him to hang up his hat for the final time…

 We were lucky to have been able share his charm, wit, wisdom…his warmth, for so long.

We will celebrate his wonderful life this weekend, surrounded by family and friends, and whilst perhaps there will be a tinge of sadness there will be plenty of laughs in what will be a joyous occasion for all…

 And as I went for a walk through the park this morning I swear I heard him whisper his most famous line, the one that always brings an infectious smile to your face, the line that sums him up perfectly.

“You don’t know how lucky you are”…

 Ps: How cool is Archie on that motor-bike!

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Jungle Juice (In the Australian Bush)

Wollombi AustraliaDr Jurd’s Jungle Juice, Wollombi, Australia

Photo: Baz – The Landy



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Windmills – In the Outback

Australian Outback

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The loss of a loved one

The enormity of losing a loved one, a friend, is only surpassed by the haplessness one feels that they did not hear or recognise those faint cries for help…

Six years have now passed since we lost a very dear friend, a sister, a daughter.

The Fawthrop Sisters...

The Fawthrop Sisters…Marion, Janet, Mary and Leah

Marion, one of four Fawthrop girls and Janet’s sister, suffered greatly from a terrible affliction called Meniere’s disease. Tragically, just ahead of her 50th birthday the pain of Meniere’s, which had come and gone throughout her life, became far too much to bear any longer and she sought the refuge, the comfort of another world where she could be freed from the bondage of the pain it caused her.

In those early times following Marion’s passing we all shed many tears, and a day never passes where Marion isn’t still a part of our lives, a casual smile here, your mind’s eye seeing her dressed up in all her finery.

Marion loved to dress up, to party.

Millie Marion

Millie Marion

And still, there are those moments where the tears well in our eyes…

Please take the time to understand the suffering that people afflicted with Meniere’s experience, and if you are able, please support either the Australian Meniere’s Research Foundation, or perhaps locate one in the country you live in.


Millie Marion

Millie Marion

Personally, I take great comfort knowing that wherever Marion is, she will be dressed to the ‘nines, holding court, a small glass of champagne in one hand, and a packet of fags in the other. It wouldn’t be any other way - and crikey, ain’t that the truth…

Baz, The Landy…

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The Billabong

Trilby Station

 Situated on the Darling River not too far from the small township of Louth, Trilby Station is a working sheep station and home to Gary and Liz Murray.

The Billabong is a prominent feature of the property.

Situated a short stroll from the family homestead the billabong requires a flood event on the Darling River to fill with water.

In recent times this has occurred in 2000, 2011, and 2012, and when it does the homestead is isolated and at times has required the family to be airlifted to the safety of higher ground.

Mind you it has not always flooded so regularly.

Gary’s father, Dermie Murray, who was born in 1929 at Dunlop Station on the Darling River, was 21 years of age before he saw the mighty Darling break its banks in flood.

Dermie and his lifelong partner now live further downstream and nearer to the township of Tilpa.

We have been fortunate to visit at times when it has been full, but as is often the case in Australia’s semi-arid regions the billabong is now dry once again.

Gary and Liz are wonderful hosts and you can camp down by the river, or by the billabong, and if camping is not to your liking you can stay in one of the stockman’s cottages, or the shearer’s quarters.

If you are ever visiting the region, be sure to take the time to visit Trilby Station, where you can just sit back and relax as the Darling River gently flows by…

Photo: Baz – The Landy

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The Nindigully Pub (In the Aussie Bush)

Outback PubsDon’t ever have one beer here, have at least half a dozen ;)

Photo: Baz – The Landy
ps: I do promote responsible drinking, mostly…
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The Local (Outback Australia)

Outback PubsA cold one, thanks mate…

Photo: Baz – The Landy
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