Bathed in a golden hue…o

glasshouse mountains
Glass House Mountains – Bathed in a Golden Hue

Standing majestically in the Sunshine Coast hinterland just to the north of Brisbane, the Glasshouse Mountains have been drawing visitors for ten of thousand’s of years.

From our first Nation Peoples’ to Australia’s more recent contemporary explorers’ the mystical draw of the mountains is unmistakeable.

And we would like to acknowledge the Glass House Mountains area is of deep spiritual importance for the Jinibara, Gubbi Gubbi and Kabi Kabi Traditional Owners.

Remnants of volcanic activity millions of years ago the volcanic plugs glisten in the early morning sun and are spectacular bathed in the warm glow of a setting sun on the western horizon.

Whenever we visit the region we are sure to take in the spectacular walks in and around the mountains and we’ve done so over the past few days as we make our way north along Queensland’s tropical coastline.

A centrepiece of this spectacular region is Mt Tibrogargan.

In 1799, explorer Matthew Flinders wrote in his diary…

“…A stream of water induced us to stop for the night, the sun being then below the trees. At seven in the morning we were under the steep cliffs of the flat-topped peak…

…The steepness of the cliffs, utterly forbad all idea of ascending to the top.”

Matthew Flinder’s Diary

Having already climbed Mt Beerburrum, Matthew Flinders, together with his aboriginal guide Bongaree and two seamen camped overnight at Tibrogargan Creek. They had intended to climb Mt Tibrogargan but after viewing its steepness returned instead to Flinder’s ship the “Norfolk”.

Photos: Janet & Baz

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