Remote (In Outback Australia)

Remote (In Outback Australia)

The Bethesda Lutheran Mission Ruins, Lake Killalpaninna, Outback Australia

Photo: The Landy

It sure beats working (The Australian Outback)

The Landy, Outback AustraliaToday we are making our way home and will pass through the major townships of Dubbo, Orange, and Bathurst.

Travelling along the Great Western Highway to the town of Lithgow were we will head down the Bells Line of Road and through the tiny apple growing hamlet of Bilpin.

We’ve spent a couple of great weeks Out and About in this great country of ours, drank a toast to Brian, my father who passed away last year, and who always longed to drive along the Birdsville Track.

But he was with us in spirit.

And as the years pass by we will recall this trip like it was only yesterday that we packed ourselves in “The Landy” and made the journey west…into the Outback!

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The Landy, Outback Australia

Photo: Baz, the Landy

The Birdsville Pub (Quench your thirst)

Birdsville Pub, Australia
The Birdsville Pub (And Pud – The Dog)

Birdsville is a town that needs little introduction and its appearance on the horizon signified that our journey along the Birdsville Track was coming to an end.

There is much to see and experience in this small outback town, and of course we gravitated to its epicentre, the pub after setting up camp.

Birdsville Pub, Australia
The Birdsville Pub

After bidding farewell to Mungerannie we continued along the dusty road towards Clifton Hills Station, and Pandie Pandie. Not too far south of Birsdville we crossed the border into Queensland and made our way to the caravan park on the banks of the Diamantina River.

Until 1882, Birdsville was known as Diamantina Crossing and was set up to collect tariffs on goods passing between South Australia and Queensland. A man by the name of Burt opened a store and it was given the name Burtsville, which was subsequently changed to Birdsville.

Of course the town is most famous for its annual race day and the running of the Birdsville Cup in the first week of September, a race that was first run in 1882!

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Photo: Baz, The Landy

Lake Harry Ruins (Outback Australia)

Lake Harry Ruins, Outback Australia

At the turn of the twentieth century this site was part of a vastly different scene; an oasis of date palms, abundant bore water, camels and Afghan Cameleers.

The ruins are a reminder of that era and highlight a recurring theme in Outback Australia – the optimism and enterprise of the early colonists’.

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Photos: Baz, The Landy

The Birdsville Track (Outback Australia)

Killalpaninna Mission RuinsHeading north along the Birdsville Track we passed a number of stations that up until now have only been places on a map.  These included Dulkaninna and Etaduna.

We called into Etaduna and obtained permission and directions to visit the Killalpaninna Mission Ruins, a side trip that took us for a short distance to the north-west amongst the sand dunes.

The Bethesda Lutheran Mission was established at Lake Killalpaninna, although I suspect there are long periods of time between the Lake seeing any substantial water, but on this visit we were fortunate to see water in it!

Lake Killalpaninna

Continuing our journey north we arrived at the Mungerannie Pub where one of the first things we did was to have a thirst quenching beer! The pub and store where established by Richard Sullivan and his wife in 1886 and they remained until 1889. We enjoyed another few beers before the night was out and  and we drank a toast to those who have passed this way in days long gone, and a toast to those who are absent…

Here’s to you, Dad!

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Photos: Baz, The Landy