TomO (The Outback Mailman)

Tom, The Outback Mailman

Remote communities in Outback Australia often rely on the goodwill of others to deliver mail and much needed goods and equipment.

 Marree is the town at the start of the Birdsville Track from which the famous Outback Postman, Tom Kruse, headed off on his trip along the Track to deliver mail to the many Stations that dot the area.

And at the post office and refueling stop, we were asked to deliver some items along the Track.

So we had our own Tom, the Outback Mailman delivering mail to the Mungerannie Hotel.

Good work TomO, I reckon Tom would be pleased!

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Photo: Baz, The Landy

Touring the Australian Outback (Where is Baz – The Landy)

National Parks in AustraliaWhilst it may seem I have disappeared from the face of the earth, rest assure, I am alive and kicking, still larger than life, head-down and exercising…

And I have been preparing the troops, and yes, that would be Janet and TomO, for an upcoming adventure into the Australian Outback.

In about one week’s time we will be pointing ourselves westward towards the Flinders Ranges and the Birdsville Track.

In fact, this will be a sentimental journey, of sorts, for us as Brian, my father, longed to take a trip along the “Track” in the footsteps of Tom Kruse, The Outback Mailman.


Many may recall that Brian passed away last year and so as a tribute to him we are making the journey accompanied by my mother, Fay, the love of Dad’s life for near on 60 years! But he’ll be with us….for sure!

Our trip along the Birdsville Track will take us in the footsteps of the famous Australian Outback Mailman, Tom Kruse.

Tom delivered mail to the many cattle stations along the track in a “Blitz Truck” arriving at Birdsville, in far Western Queensland, before loading up for the return trip to Marree. His story is one of human endurance, courage, and perseverance. Despite facing considerable challenges each and every day out on the Track, Tom got the mail through, a lifeline to those who lived and worked in the area…

Before arriving in Birdsville, we will pass through one our most well-known outback towns, Broken Hill, and visit Wilpena Pound in the Flinders Ranges.

Wilpena Pound is an ancient landscape over 800 million years old, a mountain range rising out of the landscape that has the appearance of being an old volcano. It is also home to the Adnyamathanha people.

After a couple of days resting in Birdsville following our trip up the “Track” we will head towards Innamincka, a small locality that is infamous for being the end of the ill-fated Burke and Wills Exploration. 

Passing back down into New South Wales though Wari Gate, we will overnight in Tibooburra and visit the family hotel where the famous Australian artist Clifton Pugh, who once painted a mural on the hotel walls. In fact, he even owned it at one time.

Camp Fire

A favourite place we like to visit is Trilby Station.  Trilby is a working sheep and cattle property on the banks of the famous inland river, the Darling River, and as usual, we will camp by the Billabong. And whilst in the area we will take the time to revisit Toorale National Park to further our knowledge of Australia’s first people.

The Landy + TVAN

And as we make our way back to Sydney via Narromine, Orange, and Bathurst I’m sure there will be plenty of stories to recount from our couple of weeks “Out and About with –  The Landy”.

As we tour I will put up some photographs of the Australian Outback, perhaps just to whet your appetite for a visit, Downunder!

So keep you eye out for those…


Photos: Baz, The Landy