Calling all Aussie Beach Bums

You’ve just got to love this time of the year in Australia, winter is well and truly past, the warmth of an Australian fast summer approaching…

And some of the best water-ways and beaches in the world…

I’m heading down to one of my favourite spots on Sydney’s northern beaches, Narrabeen Lake, with Janet and TomO.

The lake opens to the ocean at north Narrabeen, which has one of the best surf breaks on the east coast of Australia.

It is a tidal saltwater lake and a haven for all kinds of water birds.

 Hey sleepy-head get out of bed and jump on, I’ll take you around the lake on my Epic V10 – it goes fast just sitting there!

Crikey, how good are lazy Sunday mornings down under!



Pre-dawn Fun (Out and About, Northern Beaches, Sydney)

Wow, what a great morning down on the lake, on the water before the dawn and watching the sun rise was awesome!

How good are Saturday mornings!

Anyway, the sun is up now, so jump in and I’ll take you for a paddle around the lake…

Dolphins at Play – Wananavu (Fantastic!)

Our visit to Blue Lagoon Caves on Yasawa Island, Fiji, was rewarded with an encounter with a large pod of dolphins.

It is hard not to marvel at these wonderful sea creatures.

We spent time just drifting, watching them frolic and dive around the front of the boat. One was even doing large jumps out of the water, spinning in the air, before diving back in to the water.

Crikey, you couldn’t pay enough money to see such a show.

The Caves, the setting for the 1980’s movie, Blue Lagoon, were spectacular; we swam inside the outer cave, before diving underwater to access the inner cave.  It was quite dark inside the second cave, but equally as spectacular.

And if you are ever going to be shipwrecked in the South Pacific, this is the place for it too happen.

Anyway, why don’t you just jump in the boat with me and take a short ride to check it out and watch the dolphins play…and check out that sunset!