Lost in Paradise – Yasawa Island, South Pacific

Lost in Paradise - Yasawa Island, Fijian Islands

If I ever get lost in the mountains please send a St Bernard to rescue me…

But if I ever manage to get lost here, could you just send another cocktail, one’s never enough as the sun sets over the South Pacific!

Ps: Don’t bother rescuing me!

photo: Baz, The Landy

Dolphins at Play – Wananavu (Fantastic!)

Our visit to Blue Lagoon Caves on Yasawa Island, Fiji, was rewarded with an encounter with a large pod of dolphins.

It is hard not to marvel at these wonderful sea creatures.

We spent time just drifting, watching them frolic and dive around the front of the boat. One was even doing large jumps out of the water, spinning in the air, before diving back in to the water.

Crikey, you couldn’t pay enough money to see such a show.

The Caves, the setting for the 1980’s movie, Blue Lagoon, were spectacular; we swam inside the outer cave, before diving underwater to access the inner cave.  It was quite dark inside the second cave, but equally as spectacular.

And if you are ever going to be shipwrecked in the South Pacific, this is the place for it too happen.

Anyway, why don’t you just jump in the boat with me and take a short ride to check it out and watch the dolphins play…and check out that sunset!

Va cava tiko (How’s it going)

I have always found there is something very romantic about the South Pacific. Palm trees swaying gently in a balmy late afternoon sea breeze. The sun gracefully sliding towards the western horizon in a warm glow of burnt orange as the sea caresses the golden grains of sand on a faraway beach…

 As a boy growing up I was an avid reader of the writings of Robert Louis Stevenson, so it should come as little surprise that places like Yasawa Island were the playgrounds of my mind…

After a relatively short flight of fours hours from Australia, and another thirty minute flight in a small aircraft we arrived at the beautiful Yasawa Island Group in Fiji.


The welcome was warm and friendly.

We enjoyed a lovely dinner accompanied with a few wines, a restful sleep, before heading off for a snorkel this morning.

We weren’t disappointed!

Our week ahead promises to be one of fun and laughter, perhaps romance, with Janet, my partner, and TomO, our 12 year-old son. TomO has taken an active interest in girls over the past few months, and with a couple here around his age it will be interesting to watch…

After all, this was the setting for the movie Blue Lagoon…

 Va cava tiko: How’s it going!! (Pronounced vah-cah-vah-tee-koh)