(Strewth) How Dumb are You?

Desert TravelOn our recent trip into the Australian Outback I had a post recurring daily that provided a link to a map showing where we were travelling.

This worked but required my valued friends to “click” a link to access it…

To get around this I have added a new feature to my website, a “Where is Baz” page…

The Landy Web

This new page, which appears in the “menu” section, is courtesy of ExplorOz, a fantastic Australian Travel Website that I contribute to…

Hang-on, STREWTH, how dumb am I?

There’ll be no hiding from Janet any more that I am down at the club with “Bluey and the Boys” when I am supposed to be doing the chores she has set me!

Sprung again…!


As Dry as a Dead Dingo’s Donga

Australian Dingo in the desert
Australian Dingo in the desert (photo: Baz – The Landy)

We are off into the Australian Outback tomorrow, in fact it will be a journey of epic proportions through some of Australia’s most remote desert country.

You can read some more about our trip by clicking here.

But hey, no need to fret if you don’t spot me around your blog for a couple of weeks or so I haven’t given you the flick or anything like that, after all what else would I do during the daily commute at 6:30am in the morning if it wasn’t for your blog?

 Crikey, where else could you read about a woman in a bikini or get a fill of skinny pirates or hear  some bent woman using a very naughty word hell I love it when she talks like that as she was sweating it out.

Okay, and don’t go thinking you’re not a favourite either just ‘cause you didn’t get a mention, strewth you’re a fickle lot today, aren’t you!

I just won’t be in range for the normal communication devices to work! You know, those techo gadgets, iPhones and WiFi thingy’s…

Although, you will be able to keep tabs on me.

Yeah, that perked you back up a bit didn’t it, I can see you’re excited about that prospect… 😉

If you get a chance make sure you take a bloody look at the blog posts I have scheduled each day and by clicking The Landy link in it you’ll  see a map that shows just where we are “lost” in this Sunburnt Country of ours…

How cool is that!

Every so often I’m hoping to be able to share some of the magnificent landscapes I capture on my trusty Nikon 600 Camera, so keep an eye out for that!

I will actually be doing some running while I’m crossing the desert to prepare for the 100-kilometre running race I am lining up for this September. Yeah I’m hearing you– talk about dumb ideas spawned out the bottom of an empty beer bottle, but if you’re in need of a bit of a giggle just click here.

Rest assured the desert country will be as “dry as a dead-dingo’s donga” so you know what that means – a couple of beers a day to quench that thirst. Strewth, you wouldn’t be dead for quids!

Hey, take care, and  I can see it is no use telling you to be good, and remember the motto I live by… if all else fails, just remain out of control and see what develops!


Photo: Baz – The Landy

Travelling the Australian Outback (In Style)

Simpson Desert, Outback Australia

Travelling and photographing the Australian Outback is a great privilege that I never take for granted.

As a family we visit it often and we have a couple of spectacular desert trips planned this year, the first one coming up in a couple of months time.

Recently we upgraded our touring vehicle to a Toyota 79 Series Dual Cab that we have modified to cope with the harsh environment it will be asked to operate in.  It is also capable of pulling our off-road camper Trailer, a Track TVAN.

The TVAN is the go anywhere camper trailer with suspension built to military specifications. 

Depending on conditions, the vehicle has a range of approximately 1,700-kilometres and all electrical equipment we require is powered by two 120-watt solar panels on the roof charging a 150-amp battery.

It is also equipped with a High Frequency radio for long-range communications. For those not familiar a HF Radio is capable of transmitting over large distances and with the right atmospheric conditions we can speak with someone thousands of kilometres away.

Now I’m not going to “rabbit” on too much here and I’ll let the photographs do the talking, but a little while back I asked for you to submit some designs for a mural to go on the vehicle and I’m pleased to showcase the final product that was inspired by a design suggested by Sassy, who writes a blog titled Sasieology…

Custom four-wheel drive
Toyota 79 Series Dual Cab

The mural reflects the travel the vehicle will do, across the Sydney Harbour Bridge from the Sydney Opera House and into the Australian Outback.

And I hear you ask what about the Crow?

Well Charlie, he travels with us everywhere!

We captured the photographs as we put the vehicle through its paces with the TVAN in tow in the Australian Bush last weekend.

It passed with flying colours, but I’m still trying to wrest the keys back from Janet who is a rev-head at heart, especially behind the big gutsy V8 engine!

Janet a Rev-Head - You Decide!
Janet a Rev-Head – You Decide!
Photos: Baz, The Landy – Janet Planet, and TomO