The Waddi Tree (Unique and very ancient)

The Waddi Tree (Unique and very ancient)

The Waddi Tree (Acacia Peuce) is a rare and ancient species and is only found in small pockets in Australia near Alice Springs, Central Australia, and in far Western Queensland on the fringes of the Simpson Desert.

It can also be found in limited numbers in South Africa…

The tree is very slow growing, is extremely hard timber and will live to an age in excess of 1,000 years.

One can only imagine how old this one is…

The Australian Outback, full of interesting surprises, hey!

Photo: Baz, The Landy

Talk about Cute (Characters you meet – Out and About)

Ta-Ta Lizard
Ta-Ta Lizard

Geez, how cute is this little bloke?

 It is affectionately known as the Ta-Ta Lizard due to its peculiar habit of waving its front leg before running away, oddly enough almost in an upright position.  The waving is possibly due to standing on hot surfaces, as they do reside in the northern and hotter parts of Australia.

Its actual name is the Gilbert’s Dragon, Amphibolurus Gilbert.

But that’s a bit like calling Baz – The Landy, Barry Thomas O’Malley, so let’s just stick with Ta-Ta Lizard…

And checkout the size of its tail and back feet!

We took this photograph whilst Out and About in one of our favourite outback places, Lawn Hill Gorge, a spectacular oasis in a barren land…

And okay, I get it, not everyone likes reptiles, and we’ve got plenty of them over here, many that are best avoided, but crikey, he is cute, don’t you think so?

Lawn Hill Gorge, Gulf Savannah, Australia
Lawn Hill Gorge, Gulf Savannah, Australia
photos by: Baz, Janet, and TomO