Lazy days on Australia’s East Coast

Scarborough is a small village situated on the northern end of the Redcliffe Peninsular where the fishing fleet brings its daily catch to market and the days move at a slow pace; perfect!

I always have a sense of returning home as I drive along the Esplanade with its sweeping views of Moreton Bay to the east and Bribie Island to the north – wouldn’t be dead for quids, hey!

Photo: Baz, The Landy

A Sunflower (Sweethearts forever)


Sunflowers are a favourite of mine, they are so big, bright, colourful and vibrant.

They have always been favoured by my father, Brian, and as a kid growing up I can always remember them growing at his parents home, in Pop and Nana’s backyard.

This morning Dad slipped away peacefully as I watched over him, just as the first rays of light were piercing the eastern skyline over Moreton Bay…

The rising sun is a beautiful thing, taking darkness to light, signalling the dawning of a new day, lighting the pathway to a new life…

And what makes this sunflower so special is it has been growing outside the house where Dad asked my mother to marry him more than fifty years ago…a peaceful spot on the cliffs, overlooking the ocean, Moreton Bay, at Scarborough on the Redcliffe Peninsula.

We’ve shed some tears, and had a bit of a laugh, but above all else, today, we’ve felt so much joy that we have had him with us for so long, always looking out for us all, and never far from Fay, the love of his life.

Sweethearts Forever
Sweethearts Forever


Yes, Fay, the love of his life…

He was loved by many and will be missed by all.

Yes, a sunflower, so big, bright, colourful and vibrant…

Brian and Fay - Sweetheats Forever
Brian and Fay