Herding Sheep (Is far easier than herding kids)

TomO herding sheep - nothing easy about it mate!
TomO herding sheep – nothing easy about it mate!

The other day TomO and I got into a discussion that loosely revolved around what it was like being a parent.

It was an interesting choice of topic given he is most unlikely to become one anytime soon.

So I took the opportunity to tell him like it was; one of the most rewarding things you can ever hope to do.  But added it was a bit like herding sheep sometime…

How do you mean, he asked, with a sly grin on the corner of his mouth.

He knew all too well what I meant.

Yes, sudden deafness when asked to switch off the iPod, or getting ready for bed at a reasonable time, and did I hear you say homework.

Yeah, herding sheep, I mused… 

And too highlight just how hard herding sheep is I pulled out this great photograph of him doing just that a few years back!