We’re off to the Australian Outback – (Saturday)

Diamantina National Park

We’re excited, ahead of us is two weeks of soaking up the beauty of a red-ochre coloured landscape, an ancient landscape that stretches to the horizon, where it kisses a never-ending blue sky…

Sometimes it is simply impossible to capture it in a photograph, but we will be trying, and of course part of the attraction of touring the Great Southern Land is the characters you meet along the way; they are the heart and soul of the Australian Outback…

The Landy is packed full of Janet’s wine, TomO has claimed a seat in the front, Janet and Fay (me mum!)  are strapped into the back.

And don’t forget to check in over the next couple of weeks to see what we are up to.

Bearing in mind, one of the attractions of the Outback is the inability to communicate, at times.  Shoosh, that is the story I run with my boss at work, so we might be out of range every so often 😉


Photo: Baz, The Landy

Great Southern Land (Hidden in the summer for a million years)

Mayne Range, Diamantina NP
Mayne Range, Diamantina NP

Australia is a country of diverse landscapes, from golden beaches that stretch as far as the eye can see, to mountains that touch the ocean, and outback plains where the red soil kisses a deep blue sky…

 We have been fortunate to travel extensively around our country, at times piloting an aircraft over this wondrous land, and other times in one of our four-wheel drive vehicles.

 The other day we were reminiscing some of the trips we have had, especially to the Outback, our favourite place to visit.

And where is the Outback, I hear you ask…

 Well, you know, outback; back of yonder!

Those who have never visited, come on down and explore our country, to marvel at our beautiful fauna and flora…you won’t be disappointed, and those who have come and gone, return soon, we miss you.

Enjoy the photos of our travels, mostly taken by Janet and TomO

And am I just a little bit biased about this great country, our island continent, The Great Southern Land?

Strewth mate, you bet I am!