Out and About in The Landy (Ariah Park Pub)

Ariah Park Pub - Country New South Wales
Ariah Park Pub – Country New South Wales

With a long weekend in the offering and great weather, Janet, TomO, and I jumped into “The Landy” and headed into country New South Wales, the Riverina Area…

And we came across a quaint little town called Ariah Park, with a motto of Wowser, Bowsers, and Peppercorn Trees.

The main street is lined with old petrol bowsers and peppercorn trees, but we can’t vouch for wowsers as we didn’t see another soul!

And strewth, what a great old pub!

Out and About in “The Landy” hey – crikey you wouldn’t be dead for quids…

Photo: Baz – The Landy