You wouldn’t be dead for quids – (How good is living)

Baz – Boar’s Head, Blue Mountains, Australia

A beautiful day is once again shaping up in one of the world’s greatest cities, the Harbour City, Sydney, Australia.

The dogs have been fed, Janet and TomO are still in dreamland, and I’m heading to the Blue Mountains to climb and abseil at Malatia Point.

 This is a stunningly spectacular part of the mountains, not too far from downtown Katoomba, that will offer us a great view of the “Three Sisters” as we descend and climb.

And a big day for TomO, he’s meeting up with a couple of friends, with one eye on someone special, and heading to the movies – he’s as anxious as a gold fish in a blender!

Watching him grow and develop – You’ve just got to love it!

And Janet?

Well, she declared the couch and a book is her destination today, with a mug of hot tea!

Life, you wouldn’t be “dead for quids, hey”…

So what is happening in your part of the world today?

Ps: And remember, if all else fails – just stay out of control and see what develops…