It’s a bit of a lottery (Crikey – Deep Vein Thrombosis)


With my recovery coming along and after a fortnight off work I decided to return to the cut and thrust of foreign exchange dealing this week. 

 And don’t let on to my colleagues, but I’ve been missing them and the fun times we have, after all we’ve been doing it together for a long time!

I had a practice driving Janet’s car on the weekend, in preparation for the week ahead, as it is an automatic, enabling me to drive myself to work, and yes, I know, it isn’t quite Red Rover

But it was Monday morning and I was pleased to be heading across the Harbour Bridge and looking forward to the day ahead; after all doing nothing is hard work!

Crossing Sydney Harbour Bridge in Red Rover
Crossing Sydney Harbour Bridge in Red Rover

Well, it was short-lived!

I began to notice some pain in my calf muscle around mid-morning and was thinking it was maybe just my sitting position. I was almost inclined to the old adage “suck it up princess” but after becoming more uncomfortable I thought it best to speak with my surgeon.

It had been impressed on me that after any surgery blood clotting in your veins is possible. Deep Vein Thrombosis or DVT is the technical term they use, and it presents just like an aching muscle in the initial stages.

Naturally, he sent me for an immediate ultra-sound test, and yes, there is clotting; DVT evident…

So I’m now on a heavy dose of blood thinner, something I’m not too enthusiastic about, and back on the couch for another day or two to give it a chance to settle down and the medication to do its work!

Oddly enough, I suspect that if everyone who had surgery was scanned for DVT there would be a far greater number of people detected, so clearly many instances perhaps just resolve themselves or go unchecked.

However, once identified and with the risk of it becoming a more serious condition like Pulmonary embolism, it needs to be treated appropriately!

My journey to the mountains is taking a path I didn’t foresee, but I guess it is all part of the journey!

Baz - Climbing in New Zealand
Baz – Climbing in New Zealand