Shelter from the storm (Almer Hut – New Zealand)

Shelter from the storm (Almer Hut - New Zealand)

Almer Hut is situated high on top of the Franz Josef Glacier in New Zealand’s Southern Alps.

The red building has been a welcome sight to many who have traversed this fantastic country.

At the time I passed through it was sitting just below the snow line and the area offered great views to the mountains and the Tasman Sea.

New Zealand, you’ve got to love it, an adventurer’s playground…

photo: Baz, The Landy 

A Charmed Life (Climbing New Zealand’s South Island)

Baz - Bonar Glacier

I’m heading to the west coast of New Zealand’s South Island today for another week of climbing in the mountains.

 We will drive from Wanaka over the Haast Pass to Fox where we will helicopter into Centennial Hut on the Franz Joseph Glacier. Our alternative will be Pioneer Hut on the Fox Glacier

I spent a week last September climbing this region using Pioneer Hut as a base, and all I can say is the scenery is spectacular.

Sunset from Pioneer Hut
Sunset from Pioneer Hut

You can sit on the balcony of the hut at 2,000 metres and watch the sun slowly set over the Tasman Sea.

How good is that!

And the weather looks okay for the next few days at least!

Climbing Mt Bevan - Baz
Climbing Mt Bevan – Baz