Fly Nets and Veils (Or the Aussie Salute)

Fly net
You choose the caption – comment below

Seemingly, our land down under is cursed with the world’s largest population of flies.  They tickle your nostrils, gather on your back, shelter in your ears and heaven forbid, get swallowed with every breathe you take, well almost…

 And here is the thing, where do they go at the end of each day, you know, the sun goes down and they disappear faster than Wally when it is his shout down at the local footy club.

It is like in an instant, the sun slips below the horizon and it is pure bliss, well at least for five minutes, which is usually the time it takes to go and find a light to put on.  Strewth, flick the switch and some weird and wonderful bugs appear out of no-where…

 It had me thinking on this trip, yes I did have a couple of beers, so the mind was fluid, but I mean, did the bugs clock-on when the flies clocked-off?

Or was it a case of the same horse, just different eyebrows, and in fact it was just the flies dressed up. Lets’ face it, they had the time, cause if I said it took me five minutes to get out a light, it was probably ten minutes by the time I finished my beer, had another, and then flicked the light, so they had time!

Janet has just asked me where I’m heading with this, which is just as well because I’m not really sure…

But anyway, you can either put up with the little blighters, wave your hand around your face from time to time, pretend you didn’t really swallow one or two, or you can grab a fly net and whack it over your head.

TomO and I have generally opted for the viewpoint that they are a source of protein, and casually ignore the fact they have probably spent the last hour or so sunning themselves on a cow patty, or you can go the Janet option and grab a veil.

I snapped this photo of Janet, with fly veil at the ready, whilst Out and About last week, and I’ve been fascinated by the look on her face – what was she thinking…?

 So I invite you to put a caption on the photo…over to you!