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Desert Flowers

You can find beauty anywhere, sometimes you just need to look…

 Photo: Janet-Planet (In Australia’s Great Victoria Desert)





Barber Talk (Where would we be without it?)

Life is too short for bad ice-cream
Life is too short for bad ice-cream and bad hair-cuts

A few days back TomO came home sporting a new haircut even though it was only a couple of weeks ago that he had his last one…

Seemingly, becoming a teenager has heralded in a new found attention in his appearance, let’s call it grooming…

Mind you this new found focus on grooming, the one that takes at least fifteen minutes in front of the bathroom mirror each day, seems to be encouraged by the fact that he now catches a train full of girls from Cheltenham Girls High.  But hey, we were all a teenager once…

Yes, okay, that was sometime ago for me, and nice of you to bring that up!

Anyway, I asked him “what do you talk about when you get a haircut?”

“What do you mean, Dad?” he asked…

I said, “you know, what do you talk about as the scissors are snipping away”

“Oh – Just Barber Talk”…he quipped!

“Crikey, yeah I get that” I thought.

As a kid I always looked forward to a haircut, still do mind you and to ensure I avoid that aging rock star look, you know, the long hair, bordering on a mullet, slightly greying, I go regularly…

I like my hair short and must say I’ve never really had long hair, despite being blessed with a full head of hair that costs me twenty bucks every month to trim and keep enhancing my already good looks.

Well, Janet often gets that cheeky little grin when she is checking me out, so I’m assuming it must be my good looks…

Okay, yes she’s biased  I know, but don’t just take her word for it…

Someone commented on one of my posts just the other day that I looked quite handsome even with my legs bandaged up. And don’t go asking me who it was, that wouldn’t be fair, so mum’s the word on that score…

But fair dinkum, who said anything about being fair and especially when it comes to vanity, so if you would like to read Sherry’s blog,  Fabulous 50’s you can find it here.

I might just put that photo in this blog as well, worked a treat for me last time!

Baz - Recuperating
Baz – looking handsome recuperating

Anyway, I’m starting to rabbit on a bit here, so let me get to the point of all this.

When it really boils down to it I think it is the “Barber Talk” that I enjoy the most about a visit to the snip shop.  You know, usually you can’t remember what it was that you were talking about five minutes later, but you just know it was good, even if the barber was just nodding most of the time.

So tell me, is this just a blokey thing, or do women get the same experience?

I’m just curious…

And honestly it has nothing to do with the fact that Janet’s hairdo costs ten times as much as mine every month (um, yeah, that would be a couple of hundred).  Hell no, don’t you go thinking anything of the sort, besides, I love that little cut she gets…even if it does cost a couple of hundred…

Janet - Cheeky as ever
Janet – Cheeky as ever – Um, and nice hairdo!

I talk the leg off the barber’s chair for my fifteen minutes and twenty bucks…So crikey, I’m wondering what you get for a couple of hundred in the parlour, they must talk themselves hoarse…in between all those lattes!

Yep, barber talk, where would we be without it, hey?

Great haircuts - hey?
Great haircuts – hey?