An awkward tumble – Ouch! (TomO on the trampoline)

Urban Tramp
TomO – “The Urban Tramp”

With the balance of a cat, the carefree attitude of youth, and fitness beyond his years, TomO is quite an amazing trampolinist.

He got his first trampoline at age 2-years, and outgrew two of them before advancing to an Olympic size mat about two-years ago.

Initially, he undertook training at the local YMCA, but he has never wanted to compete, preferring to think of himself as  “TomO – The Urban Tramp”.

And in many ways the YMCA was all about winning the Olympics…

“It’s all about free-style these days, Mum and Dad…”

And I must say, I’m with him on this.

TomO and Milo
“The Boys” and Milo (The wonder dog)

He is a delight to watch and it takes me back to his age when I also did a lot of trampolining, and to all of you out there that want taut muscles and fantastic abs, do yourself a favour and buy a trampoline. I still get up and have a jump with him in the back yard!

We’ve had 10 years of injury-free trampolining…up until last evening!

We we’re having a get-together for family arriving for the Christmas break, and TomO always likes to put on a bit of a show and was “on the mat” doing his thing.

TomO on the mat
TomO on the mat


Oddly enough, no one saw the awkward way he landed on the mat, but he came down to the house, holding an elbow and tears streaming down his little angelic face.

He wasn’t used to this happening, and the shock and pain were taking its toll on our little bloke!


 We secured his arm and headed straight for the hospital.  And thankfully on the way his spirits started to lift; he was asking whether he would still be able to use his iPad – yes a good sign that he was at least settling and recovering from the shock!

After numerous x-rays, and an examination by an emergency room doctor it would appear to be a soft-tissue injury, however they are going to take another look on Christmas Eve, just in case there is a small fracture that they couldn’t see due to the swelling, which wasn’t actually too bad.

Our biggest challenge lies ahead – keeping him off the trampoline to allow the injury to recover, as TomO isn’t one to dwell, he’s stoic just like his mother, two peas in a pod!

Janet and TomO
Janet and TomO

 And we wouldn’t have him any other way.

 Get better soon mate!

ps: You may notice two springs missing on this mat. This mat has been replaced…