Adventure – On a retiree’s budget…


Hey, just a week or so ago I hung-up my business suit following a “graduation from work”.

And one of the reasons for doing so was that work was just getting in the way of having fun and adventure – something had to give, right?

Anyway, I caught up with a fellow adventurer at the weekend, as it happens, my brother-in-law the Kiwi, and after some kayaking around the beautiful Newcastle coastline and over a couple of beers he tossed out the line…

“So what are you doing now that you have retired graduated from work…?”

“Well, it’s only been less than a week, but I am working on some ideas”…I said, twisting the top off another brown bottle.

“I’ve got a great idea for an adventure just suited to you retired blokes on a shoestring budget…” he said, barely containing a wry smile..

It’s a familiar line I’ve heard many times before and usually pitched after the third beer. And like accepting the “King’s Shilling” taking the fourth beer signifies you’ve signed up for some kind of adventure.

“Okay, Baz I’ve got a bush hike in mind, the Great North Walk, we’ll start the walk early next week so get your pack ready”…

“Can’t I just think about it”  I suggested trying to conceal we were on our fourth beer.

It could have been worse, I guess.

Not that it is an ordeal, after all this is a walk that is quite familiar to me and I have walked it in the opposite direction, coincidently, with the Kiwi, and have spent a lot of time on sections of it over the years…

It is worth knowing, just in case you ever have an inclination to walk from Newcastle to Sydney, it is 240-kilometres in distance over rugged mountain terrain; the road trip is no more than 140-kilometres on the freeway; and the price of a one-way rail ticket is $18 for a journey that takes approximately two hours…

…Yes, I’m hearing you Janet-Planet, you’re right, that fourth beer is always forged in blood, sweat, and usually some tears – I should have heeded your advice and stopped at the third!

Mind you, The Great North Walk is a spectacular way to get between these two harbour cities and worth highlighting it was constructed as a celebration of Australia’s Bicentenary in 1988…

There’ll be no luxury, just a simple bivvy bag under a tarp as we progress south towards our destination, Sydney’s Circular Quay where there is an Obelisk that marks the finish.

Coincidently, the Obelisk is right next to a well known Sydney watering hole, the Customs House. We might even have a beer there in amongst “The Suits” to celebrate the end of this adventure…

Yes, Janet-Planet, I’ll limit myself to three beers, maybe…


Photos: Baz – The Landy

10 thoughts on “Adventure – On a retiree’s budget…

  1. Tiny March 22, 2017 / 8:09 am

    Congrats on your graduation, Baz! Looking forward to hearing about all your adventures yet to be sealed with four beers 🙂


  2. newstart4liz March 21, 2017 / 12:12 am

    Hi ya Baz… Good on ya and the Kiwi! Enjoy every minute of it … even the wet ones ( and I wish I was referring to what goes down your throat … but I know thethe sky has been letting go of some torrents lately … )
    I’m a displaced Aussie ( living in Boston ) but I was just home visiting my mum who lives in Sydney and my sister who lives near Lake Macquarie…. I am aspiring to move back myself and will enjoy your posts of the glorious Sydney and environs ( I grew up there ) bushland and you make your way southward along the track!


    • Baz - The Landy March 21, 2017 / 4:00 pm

      Thanks for that, and yes, it is certainly a beautiful part of the world in the Watagans…


  3. Mountainstroh (Tony) March 17, 2017 / 1:27 pm

    Here in America, we tend to say “HERE, hold my beer!!” When we go off to do something our wives later shake their heads at! Good on you! And hell, your blogging public encourages that 4th beer as often as possible! (Don’t tell Janet I said so though…)

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    • Baz - The Landy March 17, 2017 / 4:39 pm

      Haha! Yes, I’m with you. As it turns out the weather is not looking suitable as we have had solid rain for a week and more predicted next week! So might need to delay for a week or two…Cheers, Baz

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  4. Lavinia Ross March 16, 2017 / 4:12 am

    Enjoy the trip, Baz, and the watering hole at the end! 🙂


  5. Barbara Grandberg March 15, 2017 / 6:15 pm

    enjoy :]

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