A Black Eyed Bruiser

This morning while doing a weight session in “The Shed” I was listening to a great Aussie Rocker, Stevie Wright, and a song I hadn’t heard for a long-time played, “A Black Eyed Bruiser”. This is a favourite and I thought how appropriate it was for today.

 This morning, TomO, our 12 year-old son, competed in his very first Taekwondo tournament. He has been training for over a year now and has earned his green belt and the right to compete…

Mum was a little hesitant at first, after all this was her little man going on to the mat, putting his body on the line…

But like when he first started playing football, Rugby Union that is, Janet has warmed to a sport that teaches respect, self-discipline and encourages a high level of fitness. And in a controlled environment that can’t be a bad thing?

He loved it!

After the tournament we asked him what he was feeling as he went out onto the mat…and he said,

“Dad I was pumped and ready, a little nervous, like it is hard to explain, but I just said to myself, here I go”…

TomO was a little behind in the points initially, but started to pick-up as the bout progressed.

But just as TomO spun around in a 360 – degree kick his opponent crouched slightly and it unintentionally connected above the other boy’s shoulder.

Unfortunately, this lead to an instant disqualification for TomO as under the rules of this competition hits above the shoulder or to the head area are not permitted, and rightly so!

His opponent was not injured and was fine with what transpired, there was no malice, just an unlucky hit. TomO bowed, shook his opponents hand and thanked him for the bout.

TomO accepted it for what it was, and although slightly disappointed at the way it ended today, he said he’d learnt a lot by competing, was better for the experience and can’t wait to get back into practice this week to prepare for his next competition.

Good work mate, we’re proud of our Little Black Eyed Bruiser…