Strewth, Crikey, Fair dinkum (Stone the ‘flamin crows even)

Baz - Climbing in New Zealand
Baz – Climbing in New Zealand

Now I know some of you might just be wondering when is Baz going to get Out and About in those mountains again and take us on that journey to the really big mountains.

Don’t worry, I’m with you on this one, I’ve been wondering the same thing!

I am missing the mountains.

Anyway, as I was telling you recently, I have had an Achilles Tendon problem that has not responded to conventional treatment, so tomorrow, Thursday, I will be going “under the knife” so to speak to have the problem surgically corrected!

Baz - Southern Alps, New Zealand
Baz Southern Alps, New Zealand

I’m quite positive about the outcome and can’t wait, in fact, I’m quite looking forward to it as it signals the road to recovery, another step forward on the journey to the top of the world’s highest mountains, heaven forbid, the aspiration I have to climb Mt Everest…

There is so much to learn, to absorb, and I guess I’ll have plenty of “free reading time” over the next couple of weeks while I rehabilitate from the initial surgery, which by the way is on both ankles!

Two for the price of one (Yeah, okay Doc, I know you never said that).

Baz - Climbing in the Blue Mountains
Baz – Climbing in the Blue Mountains

 But crikey, bring it on I say

My lovely sister-in-law, that would be Janet’s sister, Leah, has suggested it is best I take a rest from my blog, Baz – The Landy (Out and About having fun) for a day or two. She reckons all you’ll be getting is a morphine induced rambling of strewth’s and crikey’s from the hospital bed. 😉

Good advice, perhaps!

Double Trouble - The Fawthrop Girls...
Double Trouble – The Fawthrop Girls…Janet and Leah

Fair dinkum, she can read me like a book…

So see you mob in a few days, hey!

And hey, I’ll accept all “likes” as a hang in there and get better quickly, Baz!