Pop on over (I’ll Chill the beer)

Einasleigh Hotel - Gulp Country
Einasleigh Hotel – Gulp Country

For the benefit of those not in the know Australia has six states and two territories that make up our Great Southern Land.

For sure we could have a lot more like the United States of America, but hell we’re flat out counting to ten, let alone trying to name 50-States.

Hey, where are you going, don’t worry this isn’t some kind of history lesson.

Alright, grab a beer or a wine if you like, but hurry back, and don’t go wasting your time googling how many States America has, it isn’t that important.

So picking back up, having an unbiased view, of course, there is one State that shines above all, Queensland, the Sunshine State.

Yep, we’ve got the barrier reef full of colourful fish…

You remember Nemo don’t you?

Of course you do, a couple of fish that talk, a few turtles swimming down the East Australia Current, and who could forget Dory, and that great quote of hers?

“Hey there, Mr. Grumpy Gills. When life gets you down do you wanna know what you’ve gotta do?”


Rainforests that roll from the mountains to the reef…

You’re looking for pictures aren’t you?

Well, I’m teasing you, you’ll have to come on over and snap a few for yourself.

Here, I’ll toss you a bone…

Mayne Ranges - Outback Australia
Mayne Ranges – Outback Australia

Anyway, we’ve got the warmest people that you could ever meet and whose each and every sentence ends with, hey.

I’m still talking about Queensland, just to be sure…

And hey, don’t get me wrong, the rest of Australia is pretty darn good mind you, just not as good.

Crikey, you know what I’m trying to say…the place is bloody perfect!

Weather to die for!

I mean, 364-days of sunshine a year…doesn’t get much better than that, hey!

Okay okay, yes you’ve called me on this one so maybe not quite 364-days.

But let’s face it, if you’re a pommie, you know, English, those blokes that flogged us at Rugby about a week or so ago banished us from England on convict ships all those years ago, anything more than 5-days of sunshine a year would be a bonus.

If only they knew at the time, strewth, we’d be overrun with those Lion supporters running around in red shirts looking for a “warm beer”.

Yes, Queensland, we’re they’ll call you mate, and mean it…and where the beer is ice-cold.

Now, it might come as little surprise that both Janet and I were both born in Queensland, and to be more precise I grew up in the North. North Queensland that is, and Janet has roots deeply set in the same region.

And TomO, well he is an honorary member…

Crikey, how did that happen…I mean, he’s a Cockroach.

Oh yeah, sorry, meant to say, Queenslanders’ are often referred to as “Cane toads” and New South Welshmen as “Cockroaches”.

So by now you’re probably wondering, what is the point of all this, hey?

Has Baz lost his marbles?

Bumped his head?

Is he a sandwich short of a picnic?

Um, Janet and TomO are nodding yes to all three!

So I’ll just try and make my point…hey.

Strewth, there is none really!

So how about this, pop on over to this great place, you know, our sunburnt country and I’ll buy you a beer at one of our favourite watering holes.

Yeah, up at the Einasleigh Hotel up in the Gulf Savannah, hey.

Gulp Country.

How’s that for a pub…!

Give us a bell so we can get the beers on ice and just ask for Baz, hey!

Photos: Baz, The Landy