Blooming Fantastic (Wildflowers in the Outback)

Water Lilly's, Lawn Hill Gorge, Gulf Savvanah, Australia
Water Lilly’s, Lawn Hill Gorge, Gulf Savannah, Australia

Recently I’ve been sharing some of the photographs we have taken whilst travelling this fantastic country of ours, Australia.

 Whether it is a climber’s perspective of the mountains that I frequently get to view, or perhaps some of the dunes in that part of the country we call The Outback, Australia is a contrast of spectacular colour amongst what is often a harsh and barren land…

Coongie Lake, Outback Australia
Coongie Lake, Outback Australia

But there is a delicate beauty to be found, everywhere, you just need to look.

Wildflowers, Lawn Hill Gorge, Gulf Savvanh, Australia
Wildflowers, Lawn Hill Gorge, Gulf Savannah, Australia

Janet will spend countless hours searching for, observing, and photographing our wonderful wildflowers, of which there are countless numbers, she never tires of it, saying just one more, another five minutes and I’ll be finished…

 Yes, Janet, she does stand out like a beautiful wild flower, in full bloom!

Janet - she's wonderful!
Janet, a beautiful flower in full bloom
 Photos: Baz, Janet & TomO