Antics in a Bi-Plane (Tigers’ over Wanaka)

Baz & TomO - ready to take to the skies
Baz & TomO – ready to take to the skies

A flight in a Tiger Moth from a by-gone era sounded far too good an opportunity to pass up.

On a recent visit to the South Island of New Zealand and in between climbing in the Southern Alps, I did just that, accompanied by my adventurous son, TomO…

 And TomO, being a bit of a military buff, relished the opportunity to chase his father around the skies over Wanaka, while Mum, Janet, watched from a vantage point on the lake foreshore below.

TomO and Baz over Wanaka
TomO and Baz over Wanaka

The Tiger Moths are owned and operated by Peter Hendriks at Classic Flights, Wanaka.

 Peter, along with his flying partner, Andy Hailey, who recently left the RAF after trading a seat in the supersonic Euro-fighter for something just a bit slower, expertly piloted the aircraft.

It even had me reminiscing over my own flying days, another time when Janet and I flew the length and breadth of Australia in our own aircraft, a Piper Arrow.

Piper Arrow

TomO and I kitted up in the flight room, donning flying gear of the Tiger Moth era, including a silk scarf, and with the smell of aviation fuel in our nostrils took to the blue skies over Wanaka.

Anyway, why don’t you just jump on board with us and join the flight…don’t forget to strap yourself in, we don’t want you falling out when we do a loop!

And how good is that smile on TomO’s face!

Tiger Moth’s over Wanaka (TomO and Baz take to the skies)

 TomO and Baz over Wanaka

Climbing mountains is one way to get your head in the clouds and tomorrow I will be travelling to the West Coast of New Zealand’s South Island for another week of adventure in the mountains. 

I climbed this breath-taking area last September and I am looking forward to being there again…

 And I am certainly hoping for better weather than the blizzard conditions I experienced last week whilst climbing Mt Aspiring and neighbouring peaks.

But mind you, there is more than one way to get your head in the clouds and this morning TomO and I took to the skies over Wanaka, chasing each other in two vintage Tiger Moths”.

Crikey, I could go on about how good it was, and it is fair to say TomO still has a smile as big as the Sydney Harbour Bridge, but why don’t I just let the photo’s do the talking…

TomO - always smiling
TomO – always smiling 
TomO going into a loop
TomO going into a loop