The One Lovely Blog Award

I must confess to a little ignorance today. I was nominated for a “Lovely Blogger Award” a day or two ago, and again today, and I have only realised I have some obligations in receiving this award.

Crikey, I’m just an ordinary Aussie bloke writing about a journey I’m on to climb the world’s highest peaks, along with a few other yarns tossed in, just for a laugh.

To find that people actually enjoy reading about it, well that’s just the bees’ knees.

To all, thank you…

And I send my special thanks to both Haylee Slater and Deliberately Delicious for the recent nominations.

According to the rules, I am to thank the person who nominated me, so to these two wonderful ladies, once again, thank you.

And I’m to share seven things about myself, and then nominate fifteen blogs that I think are deserving of the One Lovely Blog Award, and to let them know!

Finding fifteen blogs to nominate was a tough one for me.

I read many stories, blogs on WordPress, many I find motivating and inspiring, others insightful, plenty that I get a good laugh out of, and many showcasing their part of the world through photography.

Would it be fair to single only fifteen out?

Then I moved on to the next part. I’m supposed to pick seven things about myself.

Geez, if I thought the other part was difficult, this was really going to put me to the test.

Only seven I thought?

Strewth, a bloke like me could go on forever once I got wound up, how was I supposed to pick only seven?

Anyway, I’ll give it a shot, and not in any particular order…

  • I’m part of a wonderful family comprising Janet, my partner, who was the literally girl-next door, and TomO, our wonderful son. Of course there is Milo, our four-year old Border collie, and JackO, our fourteen-year old Jack Russell terrier.
  • I try not to take myself or life too seriously, it is far too short to do that, right?
  • I am passionate about anything I do. Okay, my mates and close friends say obsessive, but if you are going to do something do it well I say. Mind you, that can be good, and bad, a bit ying and yang-ish. You know what I mean? It kind of depends on what you are actually doing.
  • I love adventure and will give most things a go at least once, and if you’re not thinking at some point in the adventure what the hell am I doing here, then the ante needs to be upped the next time around!
  • I love vegemite. Okay you don’t have to get this one, but my fear is the sun wouldn’t rise in the east and there’d be a pagan uprising if I didn’t have it for breakfast everyday. Yep 365 days a year! (For crying out loud, they eat Kippers for brekky in England, so give me a break on this one!)
  • Despite having a fairly happy go lucky approach to life, I do ensure that I manage the risks associated with any of my adventurous undertakings, eliminate as much as I can, and decide whether the balance is acceptable.
  • I live to the motto “Those that don’t think it can be done shouldn’t bother the person doing it”.  But don’t think I won’t take advice, for sure I do, but I just can’t bear armchair critics!

And in no particular order, people and blogs I enjoy reading. Each and everyone has made me think, have a laugh, and given me the opportunity to see a different perspective on the world through their eyes.

Take care out there, dream big, and if you’re dreams don’t scare you, then you ain’t dreamin’ big enough!

Cheers, The Landy…