I’ll be voting Labor in Bennelong – and here’s why…

It is this electorate’s best chance to send a resounding message to the Turnbull lead Coalition Government that they are completely out of touch with the average Australian.


And we are not alone in wanting to deliver this message…


Voters globally have been using opportunity to send the same message to politicians of all persuasions, that political self-interest is “dead” – do your job, listen to the people and act in their best interest, not yours.


Yes, I’m hearing you, a naive notion perhaps but things are-a-changing…!


…Back to Bennelong.


I’m in agreement with many that John Alexander has done a reasonable job of representing the people of the electorate, albeit, perhaps hamstrung by the party political machine.

And I feel some sympathy that JA finds himself facing the electorate due to the dual citizenship issue.

I get it, like many people, that JA considers himself a “true blue”…

But the rules are the rules, and there is some concern that he swept the citizenship issue under the carpet. Perhaps this was at the direction of the party political machine hoping it would go away.

And let’s face it, they’ve got (contemptuous) form on that one, aka Senator Parry.

But it didn’t go away…and “fortune favours the brave”…

This By-election presents the voters of Bennelong with an opportunity to send a clear and resounding message – the Turnbull lead Coalition Government is rudderless and heading for the rocks; we’re bailing and cutting loose from the sinking ship.

Seemingly, Labor has offered the lifeboat by sending in a high profile candidate to “rescue us”.

Personally, I don’t consider that Kristina Keneally or a Labor party headed by Bill Shorten offer a long-term alternative to government than the rabble we’ve currently got – but one step at a time.

As they say in the military,  “one problem at a time ‘Sarge”…

We can deal with the future down the track, but for now Kristina and the Labor party are “Johnny on-the-spot” with the life buoys’.

They say the squeakiest door gets the most attention, so how much attention do you reckon Bennelong is getting from this Coalition Government?

It has been a safe-seat for the Liberals since the year-dot – nothing to see here, throw the electorate a couple-of-bones to keep them heeling, but don’t waste too much time on them…

At least, that is the vibe I get…

Oh, for sure, I’d expect to see Malcolm in downtown Epping at some time over the next couple of weeks shaking hands and kissing babies. After all his job depends on the outcome of this By-election so chances are he’s got out a map of Greater Sydney to see which way to head to get onto “The Bridge”…(note to Malcolm, north-west)

And it would almost be comical, if it wasn’t so contemptuous, that the date of this By-election was announced even before JA, who is now the endorsed Liberal Party candidate, was told – he found out from the media at a press conference.

Doesn’t inspire confidence, does it?

The reality for the voters of Bennelong is that this is a two-party contest, it is either Liberal or Labor – there is no in-between on this occasion. The electorate has everything to gain by voting Labor; it ticks a number of boxes.

It sends a clear message that no person or party should assume any longer that Bennelong belongs to the conservatives – you now need to “fight for this seat and our vote”.

It sends a clear message to the Coalition Government; the bloke you’ve got in charge, a term I’m using loosely, is out of touch and not listening to voter concerns. Hello Malcolm, cheaper power prices three-years from now might just as well be in the never-never, and what are you doing about that “calamitous train wreck” called the NBN…?

There has been a trend globally over the past few years away from major political party representation due the disillusionment and distrust the voting middle-class now has in our political leaders.

Trump was never going to be a chance; Le Penn would never get past round one, Pauline Hanson was supposed to be “done and dusted” back in the 1990s, the list could go on.

I’d be surprised if the electorate of Bennelong is any different when it comes to sending the same message to our own current crop of political leaders – political self-interest is dead.

But what would make me change my mind on voting Labor?

Here is the thing; I like JA.

He has worked hard for this electorate, he does have empathy for those in this community and if he was running as a “true” Independent he’d have my vote in a flash, but unfortunately a vote for JA is a vote for Malcolm Turnbull and his rudderless leadership…

Time for change…

Bennelong, this is your chance to speak up and put true value on your vote by making a statement to all political leaders – to remind them they need to put the electorate at the heart of everything they do and not take us or our political support for granted…

The wind of political change is sweeping through global politics; politicians’ need to either get on board or get out of the way for those who can show true leadership…

Clairview, Queensland

Ps: Yeah, I know, I should just get “Out & About” and leave political commentary to others, the problem with that is that the “average Joe” doesn’t get heard – time to speak out…!


2 thoughts on “I’ll be voting Labor in Bennelong – and here’s why…

  1. Lavinia Ross November 28, 2017 / 4:20 am

    Good luck with the elections over there, Baz, Janet and TomO. We are having plenty of troubles over here. 🙂


  2. Gallivanta November 18, 2017 / 10:01 pm

    Hope the vote goes in the right direction for you. Here in NZ, I am so happy we have a Labour PM again.

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