Just Dreaming (In the Australian Outback)

Outback Australia

A few weeks back I was wandering around in the Outback enjoying the big sky country when I snapped this shot along the old Cobb & Co Coach Route between Broken Hill and White Cliffs.

Taken nearby to the old Rockholes Hotel, a refreshment point for travellers along the dusty route in days long gone but little more than rubble these days, I just laid back in the red dust and closed my eyes.

In an instant I was transported to another time, lost forever!

Strewth, you just wouldn’t be caught dead for quids, hey!

 Photo: Baz ,The Landy
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About Barry O'Malley

I'm on a journey to climb one or more of the world's 8,000 metre mountain peaks... One of the things I like to remind myself of each and every day, is there are no ordinary moments; no ordinary people; no ordinary lives...
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7 Responses to Just Dreaming (In the Australian Outback)

  1. Lisbet says:

    Love it out west. The birds, the quiet, the red dust!

  2. The Guat says:

    It’s great to be transported … I love that feeling. I wish I would have laid down in the red dust, forgot to do that when I was down there. Maybe next time.

  3. ladymaggic says:

    Reblogged this on Sunrise…Travel Talk with Maggi and commented:
    Broken Hill

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