Watching, always watching (In the Australian Bush)

Watching, always watching (In the Australian Bush)

You’ve got to love the sound of the Australian Bush, but crikey, put a few of these blokes together and the sound is deafening…

Yeah, we’ve got a few creepy crawlies, but these little blokes are nothing to worry about…

Hey, what are you doing on my hat!

Photo: Baz, The Landy
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I'm on a journey to climb one or more of the world's 8,000 metre mountain peaks... One of the things I like to remind myself of each and every day, is there are no ordinary moments; no ordinary people; no ordinary lives...
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20 Responses to Watching, always watching (In the Australian Bush)

  1. Jim in IA says:

    Is that a cicada? I see that as a tag. Answered my own question.

    Nice closeup.

  2. Oh Lord, I had a big stick bug jump on my head when I was sunning at the neighbor’s pool this last summer! I like watching bugs but not when they jump on my head!

  3. I love the red dot right in the middle!

  4. barbara grandberg says:

    great photo…not sure if i would like to meet him in person though :}

  5. That looks like the mother of the bedbug I saw at the YWCA in Sydney! :)

    • Crikey, best I just let that comment go through to the keeper (cricket speak)…

      Was that the YWCA by the Harbour Bridge or up near Central Station? But apart from a dodgy bedbug (careful Baz) I hope you enjoyed your stay in the greatest harbour city in the world!

  6. azpictured says:

    Great photo. And yes they are loud, the dog sits at the back door howling cause she can’t stand the racket !

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